Tantek Çelik on Microformats and the Webz

Tantek Çelik sat down for a chat with Lachy about the current state of microformats on the Web, taking a look at which microformats are in use on some high profile sites, and others that are currently under development. He also discusses his proposed alternative for the highly controversial profile attribute from HTML4.01, now absent from HTML5.

Tantek Çelik on Microformats and the Webz from Standards Suck on Vimeo.

Tim Berners-Lee on government data

During TPAC, we sat down for a chat with the Director of the W3C, Sir Tim Berners-Lee. During the interview, Tim filled us in about his goals for this year with regards to getting the world’s  governments to open up the people’s data (yes “raw data now!”). We grilled him about what that means: does […]

Standards Suck at TPAC 2009

We’ve never been really fast at Standards Suck. There is no rush since the end result of most standards is already known. This time around we taped the introduction to TPAC 2009 after the event, in a somewhat tired state on the day we would leave the Bay Area. Fun fact: arriving fifty minutes before […]

What developers want from HTML5

Update 3/9/09: Transcript is now available at the end of this post. Lachy caught up with with the world famous Blorsen (aka. Bruce Lawson), one of Opera Software’s developer relations guys, about what developers want from HTML5. Bruce and Lachy also discuss recent happenings in the W3C’s HTML Working Group, such as new alternative drafts, […]

Introducing DAP! But will it suck?

Standards veteran and darling of the mobile industry, Robin Berjon, gives us the details about the W3C’s upcoming Device APIs and Policy Working Group (draft charter), which is slated to start later this year. The new working group is promising to add a range of new APIs to the Web and Widgets, which could potentially […]

The fascinating world of i18n

During TPAC 08, Lachy got-a-chattin’ with Richard Ishida – the W3C’s Internationalization (i18n) activity lead. Richard gives an insight into all the complexities that the i18n activity is trying to deal with. Richard is a wonderful speaker with tremendously knowledgeable of all things 18n; he gives some great descriptions of i18n problems in this little […]

Coming soon to CSS…

At TPAC 2008, Anne talked to the co-chair of the W3C’s CSS Working Group, Daniel Glazman. Daniel explains that at CSS-WG meeting, Dean Jackson, who recently left the W3C to work for Apple, put forward proposals for how to do CSS animations, CSS transitions, and CSS transformations – which, according to the WebKit blog, have […]

Conforming to Karl

At TPAC 2008, Anne talked to Karl Dubost (twitter), who at the time was working for the W3C (he is now the development director at vdl2 in Montreal, Canada). Karl was, and still is, involved with the HTML5 activity. Karl was also involved in the W3C‘s Quality Assurance process as “the conformance manager”: something that, […]

…and we’re back!

I (Marcos) took a brief break while I was finishing my PhD and I moved to Norway to work for Opera Software, which has been pretty awesome I have to admit. Anyway, we have a few left over videos from TPAC 2008 that I never got around to publishing… So, sorry about that! Over the […]

Gsnedders’ Magical Spec Generator

At TPAC08, Lachlan and Geoffrey Sneddon (gsnedders) had a chat at TPAC about some interesting work Geoffrey has been doing on a spec generator that makes use of HTML5 parsing and some other interesting things. They also pay a salute to everyone’s favorite chroniqueur of the WHAT WG youth: Mr Lastweekinhtml5!