Standards Suck at TPAC 2009

We’ve never been really fast at Standards Suck. There is no rush since the end result of most standards is already known. This time around we taped the introduction to TPAC 2009 after the event, in a somewhat tired state on the day we would leave the Bay Area. Fun fact: arriving fifty minutes before take off does not go down well with the people behind the supposedly closed down check-in counters.

TPAC Intro from Standards Suck on Vimeo.

I suppose I can also make a minor announcement here. The moment implementations of video in Web browsers are somewhat more stable we will start serving Ogg Theora instead. And with a bit of luck we’ll be able to include captions and all as well at that point.

Uhuru Peak

On top of the roof of Africa, Marcos and I took a nineteen second holiday break to bring you the following Standards Suck episode. It hopefully explains why we went on hiatus for a while. Publishing of the remaining episodes made during TPAC will hopefully resume shortly.

Chris Wilson on Internet Explorer 8 and the W3C HTML Working Group

Since we cannot get enough of the Internet Explorer Team here at Standards Suck we had Lachlan Hunt talk with Chris Wilson on his perspective of Microsoft’s new browser and his W3C HTML Working Group chairing hat. As you can see in the background France is still lovely which makes you wonder why we sit inside most of the day.

The W3C HTML Working Group is meeting Thursday and Friday this week by the way, in case you are interested in attending.

Chaals on Web Apps and HTML5

Here in Mandelieu Marcos Caceres interviewed Anne’s manager on Web Apps, being a chair, and RDF & HTML5. Charles McCathieNeville works for Opera Software (duh) and is the Chief Standards Officer there. He travels around the world promoting standards and discussing them. And in some other time he chairs the W3C Web Apps Working Group and edits the progress events specification.

Everything HTML5 but the kitchen sink

Pattern theorists have suggested Steve Faulkner will be hosting this show, but this is not the case. In fact, it’s Lachlan and I, Anne, again. With Marcos adding our awesome music.

HTML5 has recently been published again by the W3C and this podcast introduces the new features and some of the old. data-* attributes, ruby annotations (not programming), global tabindex attribute, et cetera.

Documents that published by the W3C are HTML5, HTML 5 differences from HTML 4, and HTML 5 Publication Notes.