Ben Millard on contributing to the W3C HTML WG

While relaxing by the beach in Mandelieu, Ben Millard and Lachlan Hunt had a chat about contributing to HTML working group. In particular, Ben discusses how he studied data tables used on the web and how that led to creating an improved algorithm for understanding the structure of a table, helping to improve accessibility.

3 thoughts on “Ben Millard on contributing to the W3C HTML WG

  1. No worries, Kai. The propeller plane flying across the sea front 1 minute in has a bigger effect! Incidentally, I had no idea my voice sounded like that.

    Watching it back, I sound a bit more fluent than I felt when I was talking. Since I felt really nervous when I was talking, that still levels out as totally lame…but I guess the human aspect adds to the charm of these videos. 🙂

    2:30 looks as funny as it felt at the time, which is cool. Everything I said is accurate, AFAICT. (Leave a comment if it isn’t.) And there’s a happy ending. Standards Suck! \m/

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