GRDDL, bridging the interwebs?

Marcos catches up with Harry Halpin, W3C’s GRDDL Working Group Chair and evil genius, at the Oxford Internet Institute in the UK. Harry talks about the use cases for GRDDL (Gleaning Resource Descriptions from Dialects of Languages – yep, great name! 😛 ), an alternative way to view the Web, and gives some excellent suggestions as to how we can bridge the HTML Web and Semantic Web divide.

GRDDL, bridging the interwebs? from Marcos Caceres on Vimeo.

7 thoughts on “GRDDL, bridging the interwebs?

  1. Harry made a really good point. Semweb researchers are missing out the crowds, because they are so concerned about logic on the semweb (such as inferencing) – and I am guilty as charged as well 🙂 . However a lot could be done if there had been simple yet robust data integration solutions with RDF.

  2. Best acronym: indeed. Not that XML constitutes such a big competition. . .

    Gotta love the casual cameo by Wendy Hall.

    A yaatch? Over-selling a bit?

  3. Hey guys!

    You have a typo in the copyright at the end of the video since episode 4: it’s written “” instead of “”

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