Ian Hickson on Editing HTML5

During TPAC, Lachlan caught up with Ian Hickson (Hixie), editor of the HTML 5 specification. Hixie discusses the tools he uses to gather and respond to feedback, which is fundamental to the open development of the standard. Hixie clarifies the whole “when will HTML5 be ready?!” thing and gives us some details about what part of the spec he is working on now.

The YouTube video Ian mentions showing off HTML5 features in today’s cutting-edge browsers:

Ways you can track editorial changes to HTML5:

GRDDL, bridging the interwebs?

Marcos catches up with Harry Halpin, W3C’s GRDDL Working Group Chair and evil genius, at the Oxford Internet Institute in the UK. Harry talks about the use cases for GRDDL (Gleaning Resource Descriptions from Dialects of Languages – yep, great name! 😛 ), an alternative way to view the Web, and gives some excellent suggestions as to how we can bridge the HTML Web and Semantic Web divide.

GRDDL, bridging the interwebs? from Marcos Caceres on Vimeo.