W3C digging the XML grave

Anne van Kesteren sat down with Simon Pieters to talk about the impact of XML on the mobile web, who gave a surprising insight into its failure. They discuss the level of support for XML vocabularies in mobile browsers, and what mobile browsers have been forced to do for compatibility with legacy content.

Everything HTML5 but the kitchen sink

Pattern theorists have suggested Steve Faulkner will be hosting this show, but this is not the case. In fact, it’s Lachlan and I, Anne, again. With Marcos adding our awesome music.

HTML5 has recently been published again by the W3C and this podcast introduces the new features and some of the old. data-* attributes, ruby annotations (not programming), global tabindex attribute, et cetera.

Documents that published by the W3C are HTML5, HTML 5 differences from HTML 4, and HTML 5 Publication Notes.