Tantek Çelik on Microformats and the Webz

Tantek Çelik sat down for a chat with Lachy about the current state of microformats on the Web, taking a look at which microformats are in use on some high profile sites, and others that are currently under development. He also discusses his proposed alternative for the highly controversial profile attribute from HTML4.01, now absent from HTML5.

Tantek Çelik on Microformats and the Webz from Standards Suck on Vimeo.

Tim Berners-Lee on government data

During TPAC, we sat down for a chat with the Director of the W3C, Sir Tim Berners-Lee. During the interview, Tim filled us in about his goals for this year with regards to getting the world’s  governments to open up the people’s data (yes “raw data now!”). We grilled him about what that means: does it really mean “raw” or is it really an RDF conspiracy? Tim has some great anecdotes about the uses of raw data and what we, as citizens, can achieve if we work together and get governments to give us raw data now! (don’t be shy! shout it out! I sure as hell did).

Tim Berners Lee on Govenment Data from Standards Suck on Vimeo.

Standards Suck at TPAC 2009

We’ve never been really fast at Standards Suck. There is no rush since the end result of most standards is already known. This time around we taped the introduction to TPAC 2009 after the event, in a somewhat tired state on the day we would leave the Bay Area. Fun fact: arriving fifty minutes before take off does not go down well with the people behind the supposedly closed down check-in counters.

TPAC Intro from Standards Suck on Vimeo.

I suppose I can also make a minor announcement here. The moment implementations of video in Web browsers are somewhat more stable we will start serving Ogg Theora instead. And with a bit of luck we’ll be able to include captions and all as well at that point.