Coming soon to CSS…

At TPAC 2008, Anne talked to the co-chair of the W3C’s CSS Working Group, Daniel Glazman. Daniel explains that at CSS-WG meeting, Dean Jackson, who recently left the W3C to work for Apple, put forward proposals for how to do CSS animations, CSS transitions, and CSS transformations – which, according to the WebKit blog, have been implemented in WebKit. Anyway, despite this video only coming out now, as it’s the CSS Working Group, which moves at near glacial speeds, all this is still highly relevant 🙂

Daniel also talks about a project, called BlueGriffon, he has been working on to create an open-source, cross-platform, WYSIWYG editor based on XUL runner. Daniel claims his editor will be different to what is out there as it will be more focus on Web designers work flows and design strategies using templates. Sounds pretty neat.

Standards Suck at TPAC 2008!

Anne, Lachlan, and Marcos will be bringing you coverage from W3C’s most important event of the year: Technical Plenary / Advisory Committee Meetings Week (TPAC). It’s basically W3C’s social event where all the working groups have a chance to intermingle, exchange ideas, eat too much and get really drunk! yes, we will have the cameras ready to catch all the action!:)

In this episode, Marcos and Anne talk about which groups are meeting throughout the week and other happenings.

If you want us to interview anyone in particular, please let us know!