Tim Berners-Lee on government data

During TPAC, we sat down for a chat with the Director of the W3C, Sir Tim Berners-Lee. During the interview, Tim filled us in about his goals for this year with regards to getting the world’s  governments to open up the people’s data (yes “raw data now!”). We grilled him about what that means: does it really mean “raw” or is it really an RDF conspiracy? Tim has some great anecdotes about the uses of raw data and what we, as citizens, can achieve if we work together and get governments to give us raw data now! (don’t be shy! shout it out! I sure as hell did).

Tim Berners Lee on Govenment Data from Standards Suck on Vimeo.

4 thoughts on “Tim Berners-Lee on government data

  1. Nice interview. With all three of you!

    Tim, do you have a URI for the RDF data? Tabulator is available as an Opera widget (but maybe we should upgrade our version), and it would be nice to see parsing all these things and how it works in the wild…

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